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Ms Teresa's Class - Early Preschool 2

Hello Parents,

I am so excited to be in Early Preschool! I will be sending out a packet of getting to know your toddlers (information for me) that I would like returned, please.

For the month of November we will get started on sight and sound words where they will learn how to read and recognize the words in books like Brown Bear, Brown Bear and be able to make a connection. We will start off slowly and will have a board up so that when you visit the class, you can see the words we are learning.

The theme of the month will be apples and fall. We will explore the environment outside, such as fall leaves and the changing colors. We will also focus on the word "thankful" by doing, showing, and using the word mainly during lunch.

I will be calling on you guys from time to time, so be sure to check messages on kid report. I want parents to be involved as much as possible in activities with your children. It’s going to be fun!

Thank you for your support!

Ms Teresa

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