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Ms Jessica's Class—Toddler 2

Happy Winter!

With the colder weather officially here, we have been spending a little more time inside, which means we get to do some activities that are exciting! We have been coloring all the time. Watching the children’s art evolve day by day is so awesome!

We have painted with some cool things like leaves, marbles, feathers, cotton balls, bubble wrap, and more. Paint brushes get boring, so we have to get creative, and the children love getting to explore all the different ways to make art. We have explored shaving cream, and the children love to get messy and feel it between their fingers.

For the whole month of November, we talked about Fall. We talked about the weather in Fall—how sometimes it’s windy, sometimes chilly, and sometimes just right. We got to explore the snow on the chilly snow day we had. We brought snow into our sensory table, and all day we watched and talked about the snow falling. We talked about the leaves changing and what clothes we have to wear in the Fall. We got all bundled up in the strollers and took a walk around the pond on one of the cooler days so that we could see the changes in nature. We baked individual pies for our Thanksgiving lunch dessert. The children loved getting to cut the pie crusts, choosing the flavor, scooping the ingredients in, and seeing their recipe come together.

For the month of December, we are going to talk about Winter. We will talk about the weather, clothes you wear, the differences in Fall and Winter, and get to explore nature in the Winter. We will make all kinds of art that focuses around Winter. We will be exploring play dough and shaving cream as often as we can get our hands in it. Hopefully we will be able to bring snow into our sensory table, but if weather doesn’t cooperate we will make some fake snow to explore.

During the holidays we always get to be so involved with our families with all the activities going on, and we love it!

Have a happy December!!

Ms Jessica & Ms Jade

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