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Ms Jennifer's Class

Hello from classroom one! 2018 has gone by, and we are excited to see what the new year will bring us. We will continue to talk about having manners and saying please and thank you, and also to respect one another’s personal space.

We have been doing some fun activities such finger painting on the table with shaving cream, putting paper under the table and letting the children color from another view, and making Ooblek for the sensory table. Ooblek is a fun and simple activity that is hands-on that you can do at home, plus it only has two ingredients. As we made ours, the children’s eyes got big with excitement and couldn’t wait to get their hands in and to see what all they could do. Some were not sure at first and some stuck their hands in right away, as the teachers did too!

The changing of the weather has caught our curious eyes. They come up and tell us “It’s raining,” or “It's windy.” During our circle time, we listen to a song by Dr. Jean called Weather Song. Everybody joins in and does the hand motions and dances. Weather will be a topic that will continually be talked about as it is constantly changing.

In addition to what we already have in our classrooms, you’ve added some more such as blocks, cars, dishes, all sorts of animals, and more! Just simple changes of the toys has made a difference. With all of the new animals that have been added, the children have gravitated to them and have really enjoyed playing with them. Noticing their interest in the animals, we will talk about animals for the next month. "Animal Action" by Steve and Greg, "Old McDonald" and "Five Huge Dinosaurs" by Dr. Pam Schiller, and "Ronno" will just be some of the songs that we will listen and move to. Having the children help make the dough so that we can make fossils with our dinosaurs, and of course, getting into character and walking and acting like animals!

As always, if you ever want to come join us for a meal, please let us know! We would love to have you or just to come in and read a book or two. Ms Jennifer and Ms Mollie

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