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Ms Renae's Class

Happy New Year from Renae's class at DCDC - West!

It is hard to believe how fast this past year has flown by! We have settled in and gotten to know each other in Classroom 2. We have been able to enjoy some time outside, weather permitting. The leaves are a big attraction to all of the students. We have rakes, shovels ,and hoes to help pile up the leaves so that we can throw them, run through them, and of course, jump in them.

We have enjoyed drawing with chalk, kicking and throwing balls, and just enjoying the freedom of running, yelling, and getting lots of energy out. This reminds me, please be sure your students have appropriate outside wear, including shoes, so they can enjoy their outside time roaming the yard freely.

The month of January will probably make us focus more on indoor activities. We love the sensory table and have plans to use it to make more play dough, Oobleck, and other fun things to touch, squeeze, and play with. Reading books and singing songs as well as painting and drawing are at the top of our list of fun things to do. We are so excited about our new blocks, cars, dolls, dishes, etc. We also have a fun bug collection to look at through our magnifying glass!

We are looking forward to learning and exploring the world around us, one fun moment after another!

Sincerely, Ms Renae Barnett, Master Teacher Classroom 2 DCDC-West

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