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Ms Bailee's Class - Early Preschool 1

Hello, Parents!

This month in EPS1, we will be focusing on our shapes and colors. Sometimes in class, the children have been getting mixed up between the meaning of "shape" and "color". For example, when I hold up a blue rectangle, and ask “what shape is this?”, they answer with “blue”. That is one reason why we will be focusing on these two things. Keeping it simple to start, we will use circles, squares, triangles, and rectangles. The kids enjoy getting to do projects such as gluing the shapes to papers or cutting the shapes out with their own pair of safety scissors. This also improves the fine motor ability in the children. Also, fun matching games are sometimes all you need to watch the child grow and remember the shapes in front of them. This is a task to help the child make connections, recognize, and recall.

I do ask that you work on these things at home with your children as well. If you would like some take-home activities for your children, check out our new parents board in the classroom for the right activity for your child and your family.

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