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Ms Jessica's Class—Toddler 2

Hello all!

Oh my, this month has flown by, and we are already done with the first month of 2019! We have been getting creative with ways to stay busy and keeping little minds engaged while spending more time inside. We have done a lot more child led activities. We just ask the children what they want to do. Then we do it. The children really like being involved and stay more engaged when they get to make the big decisions.

Some of the activities we have done are playing with bubbles; the children love getting to be active while popping, catching, and blowing the bubbles inside even though it’s usually an outside activity. Another thing we did is explore shaving cream; we just put it all over the tables and let the children explore it in whichever way they want. We have also been getting creative with what we put in our sensory table. We put in dry instant mash potatoes and the children talked about how it looked like snow! We have also been adding baby soap to our water and playing in the bubbles, which is such a good way to have clean messy fun!

We have been reading a lot of books and listening to a lot of music. A few of the favorites this month have been "Silly Sally” and “Red Fish, Blue Fish”. We also received new books to fill our reading center! Changing out the things in our centers keeps the children engaged and interested. We also have wooden cars and a track in our blocks center now, and the children are really enjoying it.

We hope 2019 is going great for all of you!

Thank you!

Ms. Jessica & Ms. Priscilla

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