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Ms Amanda & Ms Kim's Class - Toddler C

The month of March we will be focusing on shapes. The identification of shapes is important because the human brain categorizes everything around us by shapes and colors. Shapes are an important foundation for learning many other life skills later on such as mathematics, science, and reading. Children begin identifying shapes at a very early age with objects all around them. Even though they are unaware of it, they are learning the basic educational process of observation of same and different. Shapes are also symbols, and learning to identify shapes early on sets a foundation to reading, because all letters are symbols. Letters are made of various shapes, so in teaching your child to draw different shapes, you are in a sense prepping your child to write the alphabet in the coming years. Shapes are important factors of art as well. Through shapes and colors, art allows a sense of expression from an artist of any age.

I would like to encourage you to point out and identify shapes of everyday items with your child in the next few weeks. For instance, while playing ball with your child, you may point out how the ball is a circle, or the bucket you are putting their toys away in is a rectangle. Even though your child may not be verbally able to repeat or vocalize the shape, they are still absorbing and taking in what you are teaching them.

“Children are sponges, soaking up every verbal and nonverbal interaction.”

― Asa Don Brown

Ms. Amanda and Ms. Kim

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