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Ms Jessica's Class—Toddler 2


Another month of 2019 has flown by! As you know, toddlers are little busy bodies and love to stay active; there have been a couple of activities we have been doing to keep them as active as we can. We have been using the bubble machine inside, and the children love this. They love turning the music on and dancing under the bubbles. They also catch, stomp, and blow the bubbles! We have also been breaking out the parachute and encouraging the children to help us shake it and bounce balls off of it. Another fun activity is giving each child a piece of tissue paper and turning the music on and letting them explore it however they choose. They like to throw it in the air, walk on it, and rip it up.

For our sensory table, we made some moon sand (flour and baby oil mixed together), and the children loved exploring it. They quickly learned that if you squeeze, it stays together, but if you press on it, it falls apart. The children enjoyed making snowmen, snakes, and balls in the moon sand. We have also been exploring water with bubbles, which is definitely a class favorite. They love to make more bubbles and put the bubbles in their hands and blow them off.

Our class really enjoys being independent and making their own choices, so to keep them involved in our activities, we have been letting them make a lot of choices on their own. When we fill up the sensory table with water, we make sure to let them pick which color of water they want and if they want bubbles or no bubbles. They get to pick which color of paint we put out on the easel, too. Whenever we listen to music or read a book, they get to choose which songs we listen to and which books we read. When we give them choices, it gives them a chance to choose what they are learning about! Finding ways to give toddlers choices can avert many a tantrum.

Ms. Jessica

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