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Ms Mollie's Classroom 3

Hello from Classroom 3!

I am excited to get to know all the families and for them to get to know me! A lot of changes have happened within a short amount of time, but I know that we as a class will get settled and find our own routine.

This month my main focus will be to learn about the children in my class and for them to get to know me. We will do many “Get to know you” activities this month since we are new to each other. I would love for you to bring in family pictures so that I can put them around the class room. This will help them feel more comfortable in their new classroom.

Hopefully the weather will cooperate with us so that we can enjoy some time outside. This will also give the children the opportunity to meet and make new friends from the other classes. Our playground will be having some new and fun additions to it that all the classrooms can enjoy together.


Ms. Mollie

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