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Ms Amanda & Ms Kim's Class - Toddler C

In the month of April, we will be focusing on our cognitive skills by learning about our five senses. People of all ages learn best through active engagements which utilize all senses. Throughout April we will be exploring our senses through hands-on experiences while also promoting language and new vocabulary by using descriptive words for the different senses.

We will focus on learning different ways of receiving and processing information through the five senses. The five senses are a major part of the learning process. The five senses of hearing, touch, sight, taste and smell are the primary means we use to gain new knowledge. From birth, children naturally learn with all the senses. Our senses work together to provide a better understanding of our experiences and the information we are receiving. We are also learning that the brain puts together information from the senses and makes connections to past learning experiences.

So get ready for some fun, colorful, loud, and messy experiences coming to our classroom!

Ms. Amanda and Ms. Kim

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