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Ms Jennifer's Classroom 1


I would first like to start out by saying just how excited we are in Ms. Jen’s Class that Spring is here and the weather has been amazing! We have been getting to spend so much time outside enjoying our new climbing equipment and other new items that our maintenance crew has built for us. We are so appreciative to these men and how wonderful they are for everything they do for us. So thank you, guys, so very much!

It’s April! April is a very busy month. It’s Child Abuse Prevention Month for one, and for two, the week of April 8th - April 12th is The Week of The Young Child.

During that week we have something special planned to do everyday. We are excited and looking forward to that week. Also, during this month, we plan to be exploring bugs and insects since we can enjoy outside more. It’s a wonderful time to do this and the children seem to be getting more inquisitive about this and nature all in itself. It’s going to be a fantastic month, and we are looking forward to having our families come and do some special activities with us.

Thank you,

Ms. Jen & Ms. Danny

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