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Ms Nicole’s Class—Preschool

Spring is in the air, and all of us in the Preschool class are loving every minute of it! We are finally getting a chance to spend more time outside doing more outside activities and games.

In the month of March, we finished up our investigation on recycling and reusing, and what fun we all had walking around picking up trash and taking it to the on-campus recycling bins! As you have noticed, your children have become very enthusiastic in the process of recycling, and they are still very motivated in the idea of keeping our earth clean and beautiful.

One thing I love about teaching is using your children’s ideas to add something new to learning. While we were exploring recyclables, the children decided to add several different items to our water table. Then while playing, they used measuring cups to fill their bottles with soap, and then they would squeeze the bottles yelling, “It’s a volcano!” as the soap came out the top of the bottle. For me as a teacher, I use these moments to add to our lesson and give them a little more insight to something they are interested in—and what better way than to build a volcano! The children and I took all the old clay that we have that was dried out. We wet it down, and we built a volcano. We talked about what makes a volcano erupt, where all that lava comes from, and what happens to the earth and the animals that surround it. It was an amazing experience for the children and myself.

As April comes to greet us, I allowed your children decide what we want to explore next, and they chose music and instruments. I’m very passionate about music and have several fun ideas to give us all some hands-on experiences with different instruments. I would like to take just a second to ask that if you have any instruments in your home, would you like to bring it to our class? We would love to see, learn, and hear all about them if you would like to share them with us.

Ms. Nicole

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