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Ms Mashaya's Classroom 2

Hello from classroom 2!

We have been busy exploring and learning. We have been reading stories, listening to music, doing art projects, exploring with sensory play, and spending as much time outside as possible.

We have explored shaving cream, and it’s one of our class favorites! We cover our table in shaving cream, and the kids get to explore any way that they want. They quickly figured out they can draw things in the shaving cream and also rub it all over their bodies. In our sensory table, we have had dry rice; then another week we had dry oatmeal with cocoa powder. They liked burying things in it and digging to find what they had buried. They quickly noticed that it smelled good.

A few books the children have been enjoying are Oh, The Things You Can Think by Dr. Seuss and How to Brush Your Teeth with Snappy Croc by Jane Clarke and Georgie Birkett. They have also really enjoyed listening to the song "Baby Shark" by Pinkfong.

We love getting messy! We have painted with mud and loved being able to bring it inside and use it in other ways other than digging. One of their favorite things to do is when we cover the table with paper and squirt paint all over, and they get to use their different body parts to paint with. It explores their creativity and their senses all in one.

We have enjoyed being able to spend so much time outside and getting the fresh air. We love climbing up and down our climbing toys outside and exploring our new flower beds. We can’t wait until all the construction is done so that we can have our entire playground to run and play on!

April has been a fun month, and we are looking forward to the coming months!

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Thank you,

Mashaya Wagy Master Teacher DCDC-Downtown

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