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Ms Krisinda & Ms Daphne's Class - Toddler B

Hello, Toddler B Families!

We are going to continue focusing on our “Communication Skills and Early Literacy (Language Arts)” during the month of May. This month our focus will be - Literacy Standard 3: Print Awareness - The child will begin to recognize familiar faces, patterns, symbols, and logos in the environment. We will also be working on Standard 4: Comprehension - The child will attach meaning to sounds, gestures, signs, and words heard. We will be introducing new finger play songs and encouraging the children to retell us their favorite books from our library.

The weather is warming up and the children are really enjoying the extended outdoor play time. It is that time of year that our cold weather clothes need to go home and be replaced with clothing for the warmer weather if you haven’t already checked your child’s cubby.

We also are excited to announce that Ms. Daphne will be leaving to attend our local cosmetology program. She has career aspirations of working with clients in hair and makeup. Entering our classroom in her place is Ms. Arika. She is a new graduate of our CDA program. She is also a student working on her criminal justice degree. Arika is a busy mom of four and is looking forward to being a support system for other parents. Arika wants all parents to know she can be relied on for information and ideas for young children. She will be Toddler B’s assistant teacher beginning May 1.

Ms. Krisinda, Ms. Daphne, and Ms. Arika

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