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Ms Amanda's Class—Toddler 1

Happy Spring!

For the month of March, we talked a lot about spring in our class! We sang songs about the weather, and we read books that relate to spring. One book we read together is called Rain. The children really enjoy it because the book just says “plip plop” a lot, and they think it’s really funny!

Also, because of the weather being so nice, we are able to go outside on a regular basis again and are learning about the new grass growing and the trees turning green! We also painted with spring colors during art, and we used our hands to have some sensory fun!

Going into May I have noticed that our class is really enjoying bugs, so I have centered my lesson plan on bugs. I plan on reading several books that talk about different kinds of bugs, and we have a small bucket with bug toys that I plan on including in several activities such as painting with them and hiding them around the classroom and playing Bug Hunt! We will also be looking for different types of bugs out on the playground and noticing their differences. I think the children will really enjoy it, and I hope they learn something new!

Ms. Amanda and Ms. Emily

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