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Ms Nicole's Class - Preschool 1

As April comes to an end, so does our class investigation on Music. We have learned that music comes from all different places all over the world and that each place has its very own unique sound. One activity that the children really enjoy is to listen to different types of music and find which place on the globe it came from. We also learned that you can make music with your voice and various instruments and that we can also use many things around us to make music as well. April has just been full of excitement, fun, and memorable teaching moments.

In May we are working hard on our approach to play and how to positively enter groups and play with our friends. This will help us play with one another with little to no conflict and build stronger bonds while building confidence within ourselves. We are also starting our new investigation on exercise. The spring offers us more time to play outside, and we can learn about exercise and why it is important for us to get out and get moving. I would also like to include healthy eating habits, so be sure and use this as an opportunity to get your children to talk about being healthy at home, too.

Since Mother’s Day is approaching, I would like to extend the invitation to all mothers and grandmothers to come by and join us any time for lunch, reading, or even some open-ended art. We would love to see you and connect with you in our classroom. You’re a very important part of our lives, and I know your children would love to share you with us.

Nicole Blevins

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