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Ms Nicole's Class - Preschool 1

Summer is finally here and has brought us hot sunny days and new learning experiences! We did so much in May as a class. It was such a delight to have the mothers come to have tea and treats with us. I love to watch you engage with your children and their friends in class. In June we are still exploring exercise and even learning what it means to be healthy. Remember to encourage those same healthy habits at home because it is very important to our health and development to stay healthy and active.

In the preschool class, we recently added a loose parts center. I have taken the time to research and read the advantages of loose parts in the early childhood development setting, and I found it to be something that all children can benefit from. Loose parts are objects and materials that are open-ended, manipulative, moveable, and non-dictated. This means that children use the materials in a variety of ways, and there is no suggested way or story behind these materials. Loose parts allow children to act upon their environment the way they want, rather than having their imaginations and creativity being predetermined by the materials.

Here at DCDC Bartlesville, we promote open-ended play because of the benefits it offers the children. It allows them to explore ideas and concepts, develop social and emotional intelligence, teach themselves, and feel less afraid of making mistakes, just to name a few benefits. Letting children be children and use their brains to convey ideas to create anything they choose is a beautiful thing to watch. If you are able to come to class and see this in action, it would be an amazing experience for you to encounter. You are welcome to come to class with us anytime you are available!

Nicole Blevins

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