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Ms Amanda's Class—Toddler 1


In the past month, we have been sharing with our toddlers the idea of "respecting others" as our classroom theme. We have talked a lot about using our manners and using nice hands and nice words with one another.

Recently we received some new blocks for our block center, and all of the children want to play with them. It has been fun teaching them how to take turns and to understand that we have enough blocks for everyone to play with. We are also working on playing nicely with one another, using soft hands when we want to play with someone else, and teaching them how to ask someone to play. We think it is really important that we teach our toddlers that everyone has feelings and deserves to be treated with respect and love. It is also important to teach boundaries—that sometimes we don’t feel like playing with others, and that is okay, too. We also need to respect each other’s decisions.

We will be doing several group activities like passing a ball back and forth to learn the my turn/your turn concept and “Ring around the Rosie” as we all have to work as a group to hold hands and sit down at one time! These games would also be fun to play at home with your toddler!

Thanks for tuning in, and we will see you next month!

Ms. Amanda, Ms. Priscilla, and Ms. Shelby

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