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Ms Jennifer's Classroom 1

Hello from Classroom 1!

First, we would like to say we have a new face in the classroom! Her name is Ms. Halle, and she is going to be the new Assistant Teacher. She has been doing a great job at getting to know and learn all of your children. She is very kind and soft spoken, and we just want to make her feel very welcome. I believe she is going to be a great fit. The children and I are very excited to have her join our classroom.

We have been working on developing our scientific skills such as observing, comparing objects, and exploring the environment. Young children are naturally curious and learn through exploration and using their senses. They are looking, touching, smelling, tasting, and listening to everyone and everything in their surroundings.

Infants, toddlers and twos react and respond to experiences and adults in the environment. Adults need to recognize and use teachable moments to encourage children to build on existing skills. All infants, toddlers and twos should have opportunities to be involved in concepts related to the sciences. Observing the fish in a fish tank, digging in the sand with a pail and shovel, and making discoveries about a worm in the grass are all activities related to scientific thinking and problem solving. These experiences will assist children in acquiring knowledge on which to build a better understanding of the world. Through play, children use their senses to explore, experiment, invent, design, test solutions, and form ideas about how the world works. We will continue this into the month of August for the first week or two, after which we will focus on developing math concepts.

Thank you,

Ms. Jen & Ms. Halle

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