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Ms Ashley & Ms Gabi's Class - Infants

For the month of August, we learned more about being independent by walking, crawling, and rolling over. The older infants are enjoying eating at the table.

For the month of September, we will focus on the second ELG this time around. We will still work on Social and Personal Skills. The first ELG is: Continue to develop social and interaction skills and begin to show independence while maintaining strong attachments with caregivers. The second ELG that we will also work on is: Begin to recognize and respond to the emotional cues of self and others. When the children work on these things, it will help them develop more independence and learn to self-sooth themselves. This is a very important skill for the children to learn.

We look forward to helping each child learn these new skills and become more independent and learn to self-sooth with the help of an adult or themselves. We will still be working on our communication as well with sign language so that they can voice what they need. By doing this, it will help them become more independent.


Ms. Ashley and Ms. Gabi

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