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Ms Teresa's Class - Preschool

Language Arts Standard 3

Print Awareness - The child understands the characteristics of written language.

Language Arts Standard 6

Letter Knowledge and Early Word Recognition (Phonics) - The child demonstrates the ability to apply sound-symbol relationships.

A. Recognizes own name in print. Example: 1. Recognizes and selects his/her name from a list.

Hello, Parents!

Welcome to Pre-K, we made it! I spent the rest of August getting to know your child. I will continue to do this for the month of September.

We have parent teacher conferences coming up this month. I pray I get to meet with all of you. We will spend September in Language Art; my theme will be Who Am I. What this looks like is that the children will learn who they are with your help. We will create a picture flip chart with your child's info on it. We will be working on our first names using different ways of learning like writing in sand, tracing, hearing themselves say it and repeat, etc. I look forward to seeing your children grow as we have fun doing it.

Thank You

Ms. Teresa Williams

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