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Ms Michelle's Class - Infants 1

As the Summer months are drawing to a close, we look back on all the growth, learning, and change we have accomplished in the past few months. We moved in to an expansive classroom that allows us to more effectively use our space to practice our gross motor and cognitive skills. Our classroom climber is a big hit with our mobile infants. They very much enjoy exploring new ways to use and trust their bodies to climb, pull up, and make it back down safely with confidence. That's a win in our book!

This month we will be focusing on engaging in sensory play. Sensory play offers learning through hands-on activities that stimulate your infant’s senses. This first year is especially important for brain growth and development. Billions of neural pathways in the brain are built during this stage of life, and the more a baby’s brain is stimulated with learning through purposeful play, the more that connections will develop. People who have more neural pathways are able to complete more complex tasks and handle difficult problems more effectively. Through sensory play, your child will expand the areas of the brain that respond to those senses, and essentially, learn how to learn better.

We have several very small, adorable new faces! All of the teachers are fawning over the new faces and busy getting to know each of their personalities. Our newest additions are all relatively close in age, so we are very excited to see the bond they share and the growth they will accomplish together.

Quick reminder: KidReports is a very useful tool for you as a parent and for us as your child's teacher. It allows you to see uploaded pictures (working on doing that more often), know what your child ate or drank that day, track diapers, and see if there are any notes. Many times during pick-up there is more than one parent picking up. So KidReports can be another great resource in addition to face-to-face time with the teacher to discuss your child’s day. With eight infants, it is also a great tool for us to use to go back through the day when parents have a question.

Thank you for sharing the most precious babies with us! Have a great month!

Ms. Michelle, Mrs. Stephanie, and Ms. Hayden

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