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Ms Mashaya's Classroom 2

Hello from Classroom 2!!

Fall is finally here! We have enjoyed exploring our social and personal skills this month. We have been working on managing our emotions, building healthy relationships, and showing empathy and understanding. Social-Emotional skills are so important because it motivates children to learn critical skills such as the ability to communicate, being content with others, self-regulate, display kindness and empathy, and cope with challenges. Some actives we did in the classroom to explore these skills is encouraging each other, using kind words, imitating each other, and engaging in parallel play.

For the month of October, we will be focusing on our comprehension skills. Children will attach meaning to sounds, gestures, signs, and words they hear. The purpose of comprehension skills is to get meaning from written text. A major goal in reading comprehension is to help children develop the knowledge, skills, and experiences to become competent and enthusiastic readers. An environment filled with spoken and printed language supports building children’s language skills. When infants and toddlers observe people reading and have opportunities to look at books, they learn reading is important.

In addition, this month the children will begin to respond to sounds in the environment. They also may begin to follow simple directions and demonstrate understanding of the English language. Our goal for this month is for children to demonstrate understanding of the meaning of stories, social games, songs, and poems, and to begin to be involved in limited conversation.

“Real comprehension has to do with thinking and expanding a reader's knowledge and horizons. It has to do with building on past knowledge, mastering new information, connecting with the minds of those you’ve never met.”

Thank you,

Mashaya Wagy

Master teacher


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