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Ms KK's Class - Early Preschool 1

Greetings from our classroom to you!

We hope you have been enjoying the beautiful weather mother nature has given us because earlier in November, Old Man Winter gave us a sneak peak of what he has in store for us later in the year! When the temperature took an unexpected dive into the high teens and low 20's, the children and I were having a fun time inside, talking and learning about how quickly the temperatures can change, when all of a sudden there was a dusting of snow that covered the ground and the picnic tables! This became a perfect teachable moment when I read Let it Snow by Maryann Cocca Leffler. We discussed how snow is formed, and we all know what happens when ice crystals collide and form even bigger ice crystals. That's right! Snowflakes take shape, and of course at that time, gravity takes over, causing the snowflakes to fall to the ground. There was a lot of discussions that day that spread throughout the room about the right time to make a snowman, what to wear when we can go outside and play, and the famous question, "I wonder how much it will snow today?" Maybe on that particular day we didn't get a lot of snow; however, we aren't giving up hope on making snowballs to throw and count!

We have completed our Parent/Teacher Conferences for the year 2019. We are pleased to announce that our class received 100% participation! This is such a fun time to visit one-on-one with each family, and I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. If you ever feel the need to discuss your child's progress with me or have any concerns, please remember that we do not have to wait until conference time. I am available for you anytime. Together we can make a difference!

The children have been discussing what they are thankful for and what exactly it means to them. Some say it means having their mom and dad; some have said it means having food and a pet; and one child said it's about making banana bread with her mommy. How sweet! Whatever the thoughts may be, please know we are thankful for each and every one of you!

We are excited about the holiday festivities coming up! Of course, with so many families and friends being together, it's a good time to practice and remind each other of germs and good handwashing techniques. Remember to wash hands frequently, as that's the best way to stay healthy. Using alcohol-based hand sanitizer is okay to use in an emergency, but warm water and soap is the best practice. We wish you all happy, healthy holidays!

If you are walking by our classroom and have time, please stop in or simply tap on the window and wave. We love visitors!

Ms. KK and EPS 1

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