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Ms Stormee's Class - Infants 2

This month in Infant 2, we have been focusing on physical development and early literacy and language arts. We have been teaching the children to attach meaning to sounds, gestures, signs, and words heard. We have also been pairing words with actions and objects during daily routines to build their vocabulary and give them a kick start to language arts.

To enhance their motor skills, we have been encouraging singing, dancing, and stretching during our morning group time. We have been strengthening their gross motor and fine motor by giving them tissue paper and letting them manipulate it however they like.

As always, we would like to encourage parents to come to our classroom anytime that you would like to visit with your child, read to him or her, or just observe the class interacting as friends!

We enjoyed our Thanksgiving meal with the families and hope that you had a great Thanksgiving!

Ms. Stormee

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