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Ms Amanda's Class—Toddler 1

Happy New Year!

December just flew by, and it was so much fun! Our focus was on Winter/Christmas, and we did several fun activities, such as painting with Christmas colors, decorating our room, and playing in our Christmas sensory table. We read lots of Christmas books; our favorite was a pop-up book. We also had a lovely visit with Santa that went over really well, and all of our children loved the books they received. Our favorite song was “Jingle Bells"! We got out all of our musical instruments and sang along. It was fun to see the class get so excited!

Starting in January, our class is going to be focusing on counting! It is very important for us to help our children get ready for school when the time comes, and learning early math skills is something we practice every day. We will be counting together at circle time, along with quantifying our toy or food items we are interacting with. I am putting out several books that count with the children such as 10 Little Monkeys and Over in the Meadow that I think they will enjoy. We also will be singing songs that have numbers in them and rhyme, like “Big Fat Hen” and “The Ants go Marching.” These songs reinforce patterns, which is another early math skill.

It’s going to be a fun month! Have a wonderful January and a Happy New Year!

Ms. Amanda and Ms. Priscilla

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