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Letter from the Director

Let’s get outside!

Outdoor play should be embraced in all types of weather. Playing outside in the winter presents its own unique opportunities for exploration and learning. As the seasons change from warmer weather to colder weather, there are many visual changes outside for children to experience as well. It is important that children remain active in the cooler months so that they continue to build emerging skills that are crucial to their physical development.

Most adults associate winter with getting colds and illnesses such as the flu. However, it is not exposure to the cold that causes these viruses. In fact, it’s likely to be increased exposure to poorly ventilated indoor environments where bacteria and viruses live. By encouraging outdoor play in winter, children gain much needed exposure to fresh air and Vitamin D, while avoiding bacteria.

So, bundle those kids up and let them go outside this winter. Let them experience seeing their breath while out in the cold air, catch snowflakes on their tongue, or make a snowman.

I would also like to introduce everyone to two new staff members who have recently joined our team. Loni Kaufmann is our new Administrative Assistant, and Lindsey Hill is our new Substitute Teacher. Please read their introductions and stop in to meet them both sometime.


Jennifer Perdue

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