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Ms Cara's Class - Infants

Hello Infant Class family & friends!

We have had a busy and exciting month working on social and emotional development with our infants. They’ve done so well adjusting to a new environment and schedule, and getting to know their sweet and unique personalities has been so fun. A big thank you to all the parents - you’ve helped to make their transition so much easier with your open communication!

This next month, we will be focusing on Language Arts and helping your baby to express their needs and interests through gestures, sounds, or words. In class, we will do this by expanding our ASL vocabulary, introducing new picture identifiers throughout the classroom, bringing pictures of family members from home, introducing new music, reading new books, and giving a name to the things that get us excited!

Throughout the month, we will be providing handouts with activities you can do with them at home to encourage their language development. Please remember to email your family pictures to me at or to Loni at

As always, feel free to stop by the classroom anytime; we love to have our families visit! Ms. Cara

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