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Ms KK's Class - Early Preschool 1

Hello from EPS 1! We certainly hope that everyone is staying nice and warm so far this year with the chilly temperatures that have had us bundling up and shivering from the cold! We are staying nice and toasty inside our classroom and know exactly the perfect time to dress appropriately when preparing for outdoor play! There are so many things to do outdoors in the cold. And even though it's cold outside, it's recommended that your child play and connect with nature during winter. It's always fun to build a snowman, go sledding, or make snow angels.

Just maybe though, you don't always get to experience a snow filled winter here in Oklahoma. Well, don't be too disappointed. There are some fun activities to enjoy with your kiddos! For instance, look for animals that live in trees. Ask your children different questions about the trees, animals, and the environment in which they live. Also, bundle up and have a picnic lunch with a thermos of soup and some hot chocolate! Another favorite is a scavenger hunt. Look for pinecones, berries, and different plants that are living in the winter months. Wow! Who knew there could be so much fun and learning during the winter months outside!

Our class has been busy discussing the importance of dental hygiene, and we had so much fun when Ms. Ashley came and examined our teeth and brought her friend Archie the alligator. Everyone took turns brushing Archie's teeth, and my, what nice white teeth Archie has! Ms. Ashley said we have wonderfully clean teeth just like Archie! Thank you, Ms. Ashley Reed, for our dental hygiene bags!

We have also enjoyed some wonderful storytelling from the library lady and the volunteers from Eldercare. They have brought in books to read, and the children always listen intently while the wonderful readers bring dramatic storytelling to life. We are so thankful for our volunteers and are looking forward to more days to come!

As always, if you are walking by, please feel free to stop in and say hello! We love visitors!

Ms. KK and EPS 1

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