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Ms Shelby's Class - Toddler 3

This past month we have had lots of fun exploring art and painting. Our favorite activity was ice painting! We mixed paint/water and froze it with a popsicle stick handle and then went wild with our creations. This activity was intended to work on not only gross motor, but also fine motor skills as well. The children had to focus on squeezing the popsicle sticks with their fingers in order to be able to make marks on their paper.

We were also able to practice identifying our colors and naming them. We did this by pointing to the different paint cubes and saying the name of the color, as well as talking about each color as we used them on our paper. There were plenty of giggles and laughter to go around the room during this time, as well as exclamations of “Wow!” and “Woah!” when the children saw the colors running on their papers.

This month we will be exploring sights, sounds, textures, and characteristics of animals, bugs, and other living things. We will have some group sharing activities where we pass out toy animals and bugs around and explore their features. We will also bring animals into art and sensory by observing the different track marks that each bug or animal makes in playdough as well as by making marks on paper with paint.

Ms. Shelby

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