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Ms Ashley's Classroom 1

Hi! My name is Ms. Ashley, and I am the new Master Teacher in Classroom 1. I am excited to learn more about each child and parent in my new room and growing with you all. My goal for this month, along with getting to know everyone, is approaching learning styles.

As early as infancy, children show a vast number of styles of how they learn that will continue with them throughout life. Young children learn by interacting with their environment. They process information by using their senses - tasting, looking, listening, smelling, and playing. By finding out how all my students learn, it helps me know about their curiosity, persistence, temperament, and ways in which they solve problems. When children feel safe and supported to try new things, they develop their own methods to learning.

Again, I am excited for this new role and to get to know each of my families.

Ms. Ashley and Ms. Halle

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