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Ms Amanda's Class - Toddler 2


The month of February went by so fast but not too fast for us to enjoy it! We spent the month of February talking about and learning about love and friendship. We talked a lot about our feelings and emotions, learning to label them as they are happening, and learning how to handle all of those emotions appropriately. We are getting much better at labeling emotions and continue to work on how to handle those emotions while we are having them.

We also celebrated Valentine’s Day by having a class party and exchanging valentines. Thank you so much to everyone who attended our party and who brought valentines to share with everyone. We love spending time with our families at school! And of course, as a reminder, if you are ever available to come spend some time in our classroom, feel free to do so. We can always plan a time for you to come read to the class, or you can enjoy a meal with us.

The month of March is sure to be just as busy. We will start the month out by celebrating one of Ms. Amanda’s favorite authors, Dr Seuss’s birthday! We will be reading several of his books and doing some activities that tie into his stories. In fact, we have actually already pulled out a couple Dr Seuss books. Their favorites so far are Green Eggs and Ham (the kids get tickled when he finally tries the eggs and likes them!) and Hop on Pop. The kids have two favorite parts of this book: the part that says, “NO PAT NO Don’t sit on that” and “STOP You must not hop on pop!” Those parts always make them giggle. During the month of March, we will also talk about our colors and rainbows, Saint Patrick’s Day, and Spring.

Thank you so much for allowing us the opportunity to care for your sweet little one five days a week! We are blessed to be part of their lives!

Ms. Amanda Tackett

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