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Before the World Went Crazy....

Hello Providers,

This month has taken an unexpected turn with the spreading of the COVID-19 virus. We have had many providers close and many more changing their health policies to help stop the spread of this virus. For your R&R Specialist, our normal activity has also changed to help stop the spread of COVID-19. We have cancelled all trainings until further notice and TA can be done via phone, facetime, and email.

At the beginning of this month, all R&R staff across the state met in Oklahoma City to discuss child care issues and to further our education on Practice Based Coaching. We will be using Practice Based Coaching in our TA in the coming months. Your R&R Specialist has also done trainings in our counties. Some of those trainings included Safe Sleep, Emergency Preparedness, and Managing Challenging Behaviors.

The state agency for Resource and Referral has asked us to maintain weekly contact with all our providers. We sent out a survey with the 5 questions they would like us to ask each provider. Again, this is a weekly survey, and we will send them every Thursday to get updated information. If you close before you receive the new weekly update, please contact your R&R Specialist so we can update our database.

Along with the weekly update, we are currently in the middle of our 2nd complete update for the year. We do this survey twice a year to get accurate numbers of children enrolled who are private pay as well as current rates and openings for each provider. If you have not yet completed this update, please find the link in the newsletter and complete the survey. We are doing a $150 Lakeshore gift certificate drawing; to be entered, providers must complete the survey before April 3rd. If you are having trouble with the link or survey, please contact Kristine Abbott at 918-397-3007 or

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