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Ms Ashley's Classroom 1

Hello, Classroom 1 Families!

I am so excited to see everyone slowly return to the classroom. I have missed everyone dearly, and I can’t wait to see everyone back together. A lot has changed over these past few months. Sadly Ms. Halle will not be returning to our classroom; however, I am happy to report that Ms. Kortney from Classroom 2 has asked to move to our room and will be our new assistant teacher. The children already know and love her, so the transition into our classroom went amazingly well.

I cannot believe it’s already halfway through the month of June. Everyone please remember that as summer comes, so does the hot weather. Please keep cool as possible and stay hydrated. Here at the center, we will have water play throughout the week. If you haven’t brought one yet, please bring a bathing suit or a change of clothes for when we do water days. We will also have a mud day on Monday, June 29th, where we go outside and get as muddy as possible. Please make sure your child has a change of clothes on that day as they will go home muddy.

With July right around the corner, I would like to focus on the Early Learning Guidelines: Physical Development. During infancy through age three, children are not only growing physically in size but are also gaining control of their bodies. All children should be introduced to both indoor and outdoor space to provide a variety of appropriate physical activities. In a healthy and safe environment, children have freedom to move so they can learn and grow to their potential.

Physical development does not just stop in the classroom. Small and large muscle growth takes place all day, every day, despite where you are. There are a number of activities the whole family can get involved in. Simple activities such as singing and moving to “Row Row Row Your Boat”, kicking and tossing a ball back and forth, or building a tall tower. There are a number of things families can do together to get moving, and all can be found online. When given the opportunities to move, children strengthen their trunk and limb muscles. We can’t wait to get our bodies moving this month.

Ms. Ashley and Ms. Kortney

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