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Ms Amanda's Class - Toddler 2


We hope that you are all staying safe and getting through this extraordinary time in a positive way!

We have spent a lot of time outside. Our favorite thing to do right now is to join or neighboring classroom (T4) outside of our classroom with our water tables and enjoy the water. It is so much fun running from table to table, practicing our filling and dumping skills, squishing sponges or painting the sidewalk with the water from the sponges, and playing with our friends next door.

For the month of July, we have some pretty neat things planned. We are going to make lots of art projects that include lots of reds, whites, and blues that resemble fireworks. We will also talk about Summer and how the weather is changing. Most of our mornings will be spent outside before it gets too warm. The afternoon temperatures will determine if we go outside in the afternoon or not.

Again, we cannot wait until it is safe enough for all of our friends to return so our class will be complete again. For all of our friends who are currently attending, we are so happy you are back and are doing our best to keep everyone safe while we are here. For those of our friends who are staying home, please know that we have not forgotten about you, and we think about and talk about you all often.

Thank you all so much for allowing us the opportunity to care for your little ones! We are so blessed to be such an important part of your lives.

Ms. Amanda Tackett and Ms. Heather

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