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Ms Emily's Class - Toddler 4

Hello from Toddler 4!

We have had a great month playing and learning! This past month we have been focusing on mathematics. They have enjoyed learning about quantity by pouring water in our sensory table from one container to another. This is a great way to understand more and less. We have also enjoyed doing number songs, and “Five Little Monkeys” is a class favorite right now! Another aspect of mathematics we have been learning about is spatial awareness and where we are in space compared to other objects. One way we have been doing this is by building houses with blocks for our plastic people and using words to describe locations such as in front of, behind, etc. We love finding different ways to build our math skills!

As we roll into the month of August, we will be changing our focus to creative skills as well as ourselves and social awareness. We will be working on activities to foster individual creativity, such as lots of opportunity to draw and color with different mediums. In learning about ourselves and social awareness, we will be talking about our community and the different aspects that make up our community. We are exited to learn new skills through play this month!

Ms. Emily and Ms. Riley

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