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Ms KK's Class - Early Preschool 1

Hello from EPS!

We have really enjoyed the month of June, saying so long by celebrating Mud Day! This is always a welcome celebration by actually making mud with friends and seeing where the adventure can take us! What a fun time it was, and we slid right into the month of July!

We learned about the shapes on the flag, made a windsock, and explained to the children it was America's birthday. They are so good at saying the “Pledge of Allegiance,” and they take it very seriously. It sure makes this teacher proud! God Bless America!

We have been watching our garden grow daily, and it has produced some beautiful tomatoes! The children love checking on them each day, then picking the vines. What a great life experience it is for them to learn to grow their own food so that when they are adults, they can provide for their family. Way to go!

In August we will be focusing on Back to School with Friends. We will also focus on My Family and The Five Senses. We have been digging deep into our Journals, which the children absolutely love. They are improving pre-writing skills and letter recognition. We also use sticks outside to make letters. We love to lay in the grass and cloud watch for different figures, as well as letters and numbers. A reindeer or moose, one or five, Z or R! Yes, that's just to name a few! What a fun time we have encountered this summer!

I’m so glad my days are spent with your children. We certainly have a lot of fun together, learning and playing. Don’t forget to use sunscreen when playing outside, and drink lots of water.

Happy August!

Ms. KK and EPS 1

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