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Ms Shelby's Class - Toddler 3

This past month was exciting! International Mud Day was a fun day for our class. It encouraged the children to find mud on the playground when we did water play. There was plenty of belly rolling laugher to go around as the children splashed in mud puddles and rolled around.

We enjoyed reading our patriotic books about America, the American flag, and what liberty means. Some of the children really enjoyed the illustrations within our books and even pointed out the American flag every time they saw it on a page. The children had the most fun with our art activities. We used our hands to paint as much as possible. The classroom was filled with excitement and giggles as the children smeared paint on their hands and plopped them on their papers.

The class also loved when we transitioned into learning about various forms of transportation. Their favorite books are The Noisy Car and The Noisy Tractor. While the teacher reads, the children like to take turns pushing the buttons on the books that make the car/tractor noises. The children often giggled and will sometimes say “Wow, a car!” or even just make car/tractor noises.

Next month we will be exploring various animals. We will spend a couple weeks on each topic and will learn about wild animals, ocean animals, farm animals, and eventually finish with bugs and insects. To enhance our learning experiences, we will be centering our read-alouds and sensory experiences on these topics. Activities could include searching for animals or insects in our sensory table, creating animal or insect tracks with various art supplies, or even describing the physical characteristics of the animals and insects.

Ms. Shelby

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