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Ms Stormee's Class - Infants 2

As we continue to keep up with the best sanitation possible, we had such a wonderful time during mud day as all the infants really seemed to enjoy the mud. We have spent as much time as possible outside because that is truly our infants’ favorite place to be. We have a lovely water feature that the children adore splashing and playing in.

As we continue to keep the health and safety of the children in our care our number one priority, we have also made sure to keep the love and happiness our number one priority as well. We have had the time and capabilities to give extra one-on-one time to all of the children in our care.

We are so thankful for the families and parents for giving us this opportunity to love and care for your children. Stay safe, and we will continue making it a loving and special place for your children to come to every day!

Best wishes,


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