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Director’s Cut: : The Importance of Capturing your Child’s Development Through ASQ Screenings

Hey, Ivy Academy Families!

By now, you should have received a message from your Director and Family Service Coordinator requesting completion of the ASQ-SE Developmental Screener for your child. The Ages & Stages Questionnaire - Social/Emotional (ASQ-SE), completed by parents and/or guardians of a child, is a set of questions with a deep, exclusive focus on social-emotional development. The seven important areas that the ASQ-SE focuses on is Autonomy, Compliance, Adaptive Functioning, Self-Regulation, Affect, Interaction, and Social Communication. This document is very important as we look at how to support your child’s social emotional development, and no one knows your child better than you! This will not be the last time you see this document; we do these developmental screenings 3 times a year to stay on top of children’s development because during the 0-5 age range, children grow & change rapidly.

The ASQ-3, completed by your child’s teacher, is a set of questions that focus on five important areas of development: Communication, Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Problem Solving, and Personal/Social Skills. Your Family Service Coordinator will score both ASQs based on the responses received.

If your child is developing without concerns, there will not be specific follow-up steps—just keep playing and interacting with your child as they grow and reach new milestones. If your child has trouble with some skills, your Family Service Coordinator will work with you and your child’s teacher to establish the next steps. This could mean identifying some specific activities to do at home with your child, or it could mean collaborating with a partner agency like Sprouts Child Development for further assessment. A big benefit of ASQ is that it helps catch potential delays or issues early, so if your child does need some extra support, follow-up, or intervention, they can get it now when it makes the most difference.

Each ASQ questionnaire you complete helps your child get off to the best possible start in life, and we thank you for taking the time to complete them! Should you have further questions or would like additional information regarding the process, please reach out to your Family Service Coordinator.


Randa Jones

Family Service Coordinator


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