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Family Child Care Home 2 - Owasso

Hello, Parents!

For the month of June, we started our Attendance Chart which helps the children become more independent and responsible as well as learning their names in print. The children also enjoyed eating berries like the birds they discovered while using the binoculars.

For the month of July, the children will discover different ways we travel and use unusual looking vehicles. Our focus vehicles will be the excavator, airplane, and the boat, along with many others. We will use our cognitive skills as we discover what sinks and float.

Preschool - 3 to Five

STANDARD 4: Economics – The child explores various careers and identifies basic economic concepts.

Describes the workers vehicle and what they use it for. (For example: a firefighter drives a firetruck, and a construction worker drives an excavator, etc.)

Toddler 16-36 - Toddler will explore relationship and the environment independently and with a purpose.

Ms. Teresa


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