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Introducing NE Ivy Learning Resource & Referral!

Dear Northeast Region Child Care Providers,

I’d like to introduce your new NE Oklahoma Region R&R team. The NE region R&R Specialists Courtney Garringer and Tina McClintic, Infant Toddler Specialist Lana Pitts, and Business Consultant Laura Clary have been onboarded to the R&R team to help families find care and offer in-depth consumer education so that parents can make informed decisions when choosing quality child care. R&R assists child care providers by offering resources, training, and on-site technical assistance to improve the quality of care and any business-related advice or technical assistance improving their business affairs related to family child care homes or centers. R&R collects, analyzes, and reports data about child care demand, availability, quality, and cost statewide on a yearly basis. We also provide information to enable policymakers and community members to advocate effectively for continuous improvements in Oklahoma’s child care system. OCCRRA supports the local resource and referral agencies to ensure consistent high-quality services. Our mission is to ensure that all Oklahoma families have access to quality care and education for their children through community-based resource and referral services.

The Northeast Resource and Referral team serves 242 active providers across 10 counties in Northeast Oklahoma. Those counties include Craig, Ottawa, Mayes, Delaware, Cherokee, Adair, Okmulgee, Muskogee, McIntosh, and Sequoyah.

Tina McClintic is the NE R&R Specialist and Manager, and she serves 5 of the 10 counties. Those are Craig, Ottawa, Mayes, Delaware, and Cherokee, serving 118 active providers.

Courtney Garringer is the NE R&R Specialist for the other 5 counties. Those are Adair, Okmulgee, Muskogee, McIntosh, and Sequoyah, serving 124 active providers.

Lana Pitts is the Infant Toddler Specialist for all 10 counties with 242 active providers in NE Oklahoma. She provides training and technical assistance for providers, specializing in infant and toddler needs.

Laura Clary is the business consultant for all 10 counties, assisting all 242 providers in NE Oklahoma, specializing in active providers' business related needs.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the team!


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