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Letter from the Director!

Preparing for the Holidays during COVID19

Like most things this year, the holiday season will be marked by the coronavirus pandemic. For you and your family, it may feel like one more disappointment at the end of a long, challenging year. So, how do you talk with your kids about the upcoming holidays? And what can you do to celebrate, even if it’s not in the ways you’re used to?

Here is some advice on how to cope — and ideas for ways to celebrate — as this holiday season approaches.

Talk it out

The holidays are traditionally a time to come together with loved ones. For those who look forward to celebrating, this year might feel particularly hard. If your kids are having a tough time adjusting to changes in your plans, let them know you understand and that you feel disappointed, too. Encourage them to share their thoughts and feelings and help them appreciate why things must be different. Sit down together as a family and come up with a plan for how you will celebrate.

Focus on what you can do

Whatever holidays your family celebrates, focus on the rituals you can continue to do together rather than focusing on what you can’t do this year.

Think about which holiday rituals are most meaningful to you, and then come up with some ideas for how to continue those traditions in a new way. Perhaps plan a meal over Zoom or FaceTime. Have everyone prepare the same meal, or just one special or favorite dish, so it’s truly a shared experience.

Think of this year as an opportunity to start new traditions and think creatively. Talk with your children and extended family and friends about new ways to make this holiday season special, and how to stay connected despite the challenges of the pandemic.

For many people, the holiday season and large family gatherings also come with a certain amount of stress. This year has been hard. This might be an opportunity to scale down and focus on the parts of the holiday that are most meaningful to you. Give yourself permission to take it easy this year. Instead, focus on staying connected and staying safe.


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