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Letter from the Director!

What a wonderful month December was! It was such an overwhelming feeling of joy getting to watch all the children enjoy our “Cuddles and Cocoa” event in the center. We are so ready to enjoy our events in the center with our families present. This is so very important to all of us. With that being said, I do believe this last year has reminded us of what little things we have taken for granted and to really take the time to appreciate every single moment.

Just a reminder that our Parent Teacher Conferences will be this month. Please take the time to sign up for a time slot with your child’s teachers – these conferences will be held via Zoom.

If you are questioning the importance of a conference with children so young, or maybe not attending school yet, I want to assure you how essential this one-on-one time with your child’s teacher is. There is important information to be shared for every level of development for each child. A couple of topics that will be discussed will be as follows:

-Social/Emotional Skills – Children learn how to ask for things, how to trust, and how to navigate play. You may even find out about a special friend your child has made, or who he or she may gravitate to.

-Cognitive Skills, Language Development, Group Activity Interaction, Areas of Strength, Areas for Growth, and Goal Setting will also be a part of these conferences.

This also gives you valuable time to maybe ask questions, give insight, and better understand your child’s teacher’s routine, daily activities, and overall focus in creating a positive learning environment for each of your children.

Again, there is so much for each of our families to gain by participating in the Parent Teacher Conferences. You can stop by the front office to sign up for a time slot that is best suited for your schedule.

Here is to the start of an amazing new year! I look forward to seeing the accomplishments each child will make and sharing them with our families throughout the next year.

Jessica Davis

Site Director

Ivy Academy Claremore

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