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Letter from the Director!

Dear Families of Claremore,

As the weather warms up, we all look to the horizons to see what things may come about. You will all notice that we will be slowly adding children and families to our center in efforts to reach our typical class sizes that serve several families in this area. As we add children, we will also be adding teachers. When we are building our team of educators, we are looking for individuals with a depth of knowledge in child development, compassionate people ready to help nurture the young child and those who appreciate the rigor involved in high quality educational opportunities for children.

We also will be adding our new Director in Training to the team. Travis Alumbaugh comes to our program with several years of early childhood education, with special talents in social emotional development and coaching teachers in the classroom. As we get closer to summer, we will continue to provide services, parent connection opportunities, and ongoing, hands-on learning each day for your child.

Many families are continuing to plan what their next moves may be; families are planning everything from creative backyards transformed into child exploration zones to cooking with new recipes. We hope that you all remain safe and encouraged as we approach summertime.

We are planning a Family Meet & Greet for Travis on Friday, March 12. From 730am-10am we will have coffee and a quick morning snack available for families. We want you to be able to stop by the porch, meet our new Director, and ask any questions that you may have.


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