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Ms Anita's Class - Toddler 1

Last month in T1 we focused on word recognition. The children really enjoyed noticing the letters in their names. They enjoyed when we would sing songs and insert their name. All the children’s faces would light up. We also introduced some new songs that rhyme during our large group time.

This month we will focus on ELG Mathematics Standard 1: “The child will begin to develop awareness of patterns in the environment.” We will do this by using counting bears to make different patterns for the children to imitate. In class, as always, we will keep a predictable schedule that is easy for the children to follow. We will also be implementing finger plays and songs with repeating actions and patterns.

I will be sharing an article about making math language a part of your child’s everyday life routines. Feel free to email me with any concerns you have. As always, continue to stay healthy and safe.


Miss Anita and Mrs. Regan


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