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Ms Ashley's Class - Infants

In the month of January, the infants are on the move and exploring a lot. Kaitlyn and I are enjoying watching the infants learn new skills. For the month of January, the infant room received a lot of newer toys for the children to explore with.

As for the month of February, we are going to focus on two different ELGs this month - one for the younger infants and the other for the older ones. The ELG for the younger infants is in Creative Skill Standard 1: Respond to or show interest in sight and sounds in the environment. The way Kaitlyn and I will help the younger infants with this standard is by playing patty cake with them as well as singing songs. We will also have them explore objects with their hands and play peek-a-boo using our scarfs. While playing with the scarfs, we will make different sounds and emotions to see if the children will react to them.

The standard that we will focus on with the older infants will be in Mathematics Standard 2: Explore materials and space by handing, building, moving, and manipulating. With the older infants, we are going to work on building towers with blocks and start to manipulate the nesting toys to see how they stack together. While building with the blocks, we also will learn about counting; I will count the blocks as I stack them and see if the children will either count with me or pick a block when I get to a certain number. We will also work with the children on rolling balls and also throwing them.

With the weather getting colder, I please ask that you bring appropriate clothing and jackets for the children just in case we get a chance to go outside at any time. Kaitlyn and I look forward to teaching the infants these new skills and watching them master them and grow in their learning.


Ms. Ashley and Ms. Kaitlyn


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