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Ms Ashley's Class - Infants

Hello, everyone!

The month of May has been lots of fun, and the children have learned so many new skills from walking, crawling, standing, cooing, babbling, and talking. I love watching the children learn a new skill every day.

For the month of June, the ELG’s that I am going to focus on with the toddlers is Approaches to Learning Standard 1: Increased attention span and persist in repetitive tasks. One way that I will help the toddlers do this task is by taking out the tunnel so that the children can crawl in and out of the tunnel. In addition, we will be adding different textures to the paint so that the children can use their senses while painting. We will also get the children more interested in reading and listening to stories along with music and movement. We will work on rolling balls to the teacher and see if the children can follow the instructions.

With my younger infants, the ELG that I am going to work on is Approaches to Learning Standard 1: Begin to show interest in exploring his/her environment. With the infants, I will place objects in front of them so that they can reach for them and try to crawl to them while working on tummy time as well. We will also be doing more art projects such as finger painting so that they can feel the paint in between their fingers. Since it is starting to get warmer, we will be trying to go outside more often so the children will be able to explore and be able to use their senses even more while outside.

I look forward to watching the children grow and learn so many new things for the month of June!


Ms. Ashley


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