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Ms Bailee & Ms Brittney's Class - Todder 1

Hey, Parents!

Can you believe it is almost shorts season?! We cannot either!!! In March, we obviously had to celebrate some of the works of Dr. Seuss! The children love reading his books, and they catch up to the literature so quickly. We love hearing them repeat pieces back to us from our reading throughout the day. Along with Dr. Seuss books comes Dr. Seuss activities. We had a blast learning about “wockets, apples and other stuff” (a little sampling from some of Dr. Seuss’s books), and we know your children did too!

Coming in April, the class will have plenty of engagement with bugs, greenery, flowers, rain, and more! We will make rain in the water table and experience what rain/water does for our flowers!

The children will also take time to learn about Spring changes and experience different severities of weather (Tornadoes, Thunder, Lightning, Hail etc.). This type of weather can cause fear in children, and it is important to acknowledge the fear and reassure your child. Look at the following article to provide a more in-depth understanding. “Choosing Courage in a Climate of Fear” by Jeffrey Perkins.

Ms. Bailee, Ms. Brittney, & Ms. Lydia

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