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Ms Bailee & Ms Brittney's Class - Todder 1

Hey, Parents!

As you may know, we have had some recent adjustments in the Toddler 1 room. We had a couple of friends move on to bigger and better things in the Early Preschool Room. Along with that change, we are expecting new friends to come join us here in toddler land. For the friends that are still in T1, we plan on adding in some tougher activities for them. Mathematics is going to be a big focus since we can expand on that in so many ways.

Mathematics is something that we do not realize we are doing all day long. For example, when the children are building their block towers, they have no idea they are participating in mathematical properties like addition and subtraction. It is so easy to have activities like these around every day so that learning is natural as well as planned. We will focus on classifying, matching, building patterns, and more. Recently the children have been noticing more in the classroom. You can guess how happy that makes us each day!

If you as parents have any ideas on some fun activities you would like to see us set up in the classroom, let us know. We would love parents’ engagement and ideas for our lesson plans.

Ms. Bailee, Ms. Brittney, & Ms. Lydia


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